Expatriates Post refer to foreigners who are qualified to fulfill the position of Key post or time post

Key post are high level managerial posts in foreign-owned private companies and firms operating in Malaysia

Time post requires professional qualifications, practical experience, skills and expertise related to the respective jobs.

Expatriates refer to foreigners who are qualified to fulfill the following positions:


1. Key Post

  • Top Managerial Post of a foreign owned company operating in Malaysia.

  • Responsible for looking after the company’s interests and investments.

  • Responsible for determining the company’s policies and goals.


2. Executive Post

  • Professional/Middle Managerial Post.

  • Required academic and working experience, practical skills related to the respective jobs.

  • Responsible for implementing the company’s policies and supervision toward the junior staff.


3. Non-Executive Post

  • Highly skilled

  • Require working experience and technical skills related to the respective jobs.


Generally, there are two stages in the employment of expatriates:

  1. Application for an expatriate post from relevant authorised bodies determined by the nature of the business.

  2. Upon approval of the expatriate posts by the approving bodies, the company must submit an application to the Immigration Department for endorsement of the employment pass.

Requirement to Apply for Expatriate Posts

(For further details, please refer to Immigration Department of Malaysia)


The minimum requirements to apply for expatriate posts are as follows:

  • Degree with at least 3 years ‘experience in the relevant field; and/or

  • Diploma with at least 5 years ‘experience in the relevant field; and/or

  • Technical Certificate or equivalent, with at least 7 years ‘experience in the relevant field.For Shareholder(s)

  • Must be appointed as a Director of the company AND / OR holds a key position in the company

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