Grant in Malaysia

Government of Malaysia has established the Grant for various of Industry to help them grow bigger. Every year, Government of Malaysia introduce the new grant scheme and continuing pumping the money to existing grant scheme for industry to apply and get used to it.

Problem’s of Getting Grant

  1. Not all new grants is publicly announce by media;

  2. The guidelines is always change;

  3. Difficult in searching the right person to talk about the grant;

  4. Information stated in Ministry/Agencies pertaining Grant are limited;

  5. Difficulty in doing the good proposal based on Ministry/Agencies requirement.

SMI Funding Solution’s


  1. Comprehensive information on Grant’s;

  2. Updated guidelines every 3 month;

  3. One Stop Center for all grant’s in Malaysia (U can ask every single question and we will answer you);

  4. Experience in handling all type of proposal from Grant’s and meet the Ministry/Agencies requirement;

  5. Good relation/network with Ministry/Agencies for ease process.

Download latest Grant in Malaysia