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Why us

We Help you Compare

We help you connect with government agency, bank or lenders and compare rates from business loan, personal loans, home loans and grant. We have access to ALL Government Agency, Banks and Lender in Malaysia, We can assure that we get the BEST deal for you.

We Check your Entitlement and Pre Approval

Send us  your income  documents.  We help you calculate your DSR (Debt Service Ratio) to get the bank pre approval and your check your credit score health before we submit any loan for you. It is to ensure best possible change of securing an approval.

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Free on Check your Grant Eligibility

We help to check what are the best grant that you are eligible. We give free 1 hours free Consultation on Zoom to consult on the grant that you entitle to apply and the percentage of approval of your grant.

We provide a single point of contact for you

We make sure your documents in order for smooth, efficient and easy process, we take care of any issues on the way and get it approved. We help you to discover all your options with only one application. You don't have to repeat your "Story" to each government Agency, banks and lenders company.

We help you save precious time and effort

So that you can free up time and energy to cencentrate on your business and we know the right things to say.

You have nothing to lose

If after all the work we have done and we did not manage to get a loan for you, we're the ones who lose (we lost time, efforts and expenses). You lost nothing since you didn't pay us any fee upfront.

We know what are Goverment Agency, banks and lenders looking for

We know their "lingo" and we have answer prepared ever before they ask us the question We are experts in what we do. We have been sought for our expert opinions and comments.

How The Funding Process Works:

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