Partnering with SMI Funding

We offer an exceptional business opportunity for persons who would like to be in the financial service business as a part-time or full-time loan broker.

The following is a brief outline of our loan broker program:

What is a loan broker?

A loan broker is an intermediary agent between a borrower and a lender. 

SMI Funding is a network of independent, self-employed loan brokers offering a wide range of financing loan and leasing services.

You may be skeptical, and ask - Why would someone want a loan broker? Good question.

The most often asked questions I receive are: Why would someone want a loan broker? Why can't people just go to a bank?

Most people are not familiar with the finance industry, they only know their current bank. If they can't make a deal with their current bank, they don't know where to go, so they contact a loan broker who can introduce the borrower to many other banks or qualifier lenders who are more flexible than their banks and offer competitive rates and loan broker offer extraordinary solutions and write up presentation profile of business loan proposals complying with Bank's standard requirements for all types of related financial credit facility and government grant.

As a loan broker, what business advantages will I have?

In SMI Funding, we will teach serious entrepreneurs like you to realize your personal satisfaction and financial independence, enjoying the good life with a succesfull business of your own...If you are working at the present time, there no need for you to stop until you feel financially secure. You can work full-time, part or spare time, when and where you choose!




As a modern day entrepreneur, you shouldn't be required to carry stock of materials, handle an inventory of products, or be burdened with sales quota or delivery. Your time is more valuable and should be focus your time in building your business income.

Discover for yourself the best business opportunity today!

As a loan broker, the business advantages are:

- No experience                  - No employees

- No selling                          - No office rent

- No special equipment       - Ideal for men or women

- No inventory

- Can be worked from home or office

- Can be operated part-time, expanding at your own pace

Financial Freedom And Time To Enjoy It

Once your business is established, you can work when you want. You could go travelling for weeks at a time, yet you'd continue to receive fees from your activities.

As a professional "Loan Broker", you will negotiate the most sought-after product in the world....MONEY. Brokering loans is an easy, lucrative business. It's a service everybody needs. Once borrowers learn that you have funds available, you will swamped with requests. They will treat you with great respect when they find out you can arrange financing for them. The complete program that you will receive will show you everything you will need to know in a very short time. It's easier than you think! You don't need a college education or a background in finance. No other business offers more prestige and exceptional earning power. For some borrowers, you can offer rates lower than banks.

You see, once you know where the lenders or investors are and what type of loans or investments they prefer, it is only a matter of matching the borrower with the right lender or investor.

When a proposal is accepted, your potential fee for each loan be RM2,000, RM5,000, RM10,000, RM20,000 or more depending on the size of the loan. The sky's the limit.

Do I need experience in order to become a loan broker?


Experience is not required in order to become a loan broker. We provide professional, easy-to-follow instruction on what is needed to become a successful loan broker. You can do this at home on your own time schedule. After following the easy step-to-step instructions, you should be able to negotiate your first deal as a loan broker in a very short time.


As a SMI Funding associate, you will receive consultation, guidance, and support. The best part of this business is its low overhead - if you don't have an outside office you can work from home - there is no inventory and you are free  to do business anywhere in Malaysia include Sabah & Sarawak.


In addition, as an associate of SMI Funding, if you want to offer our business program to other people who wants to become loan brokers, you will receive additional commission for that as well.


This is a ground floor opportunity  being offered and what SMI Funding does not want in the business are people who are not serious about earning a six-figure income. Better late than never. Don't miss this chance!


How do I find clients as a loan broker?


It's just a matter of letting people know you have financing available for any useful purpose. As a loan broker, you will be supplied with MANY ways to have people contact you with their proposals in placing a variety of loan applications. The trend right now is digital marketing. Don't worry. We will teach you in internet marketing.

What are the loans for?

The loans are for almost any purpose : mortgages, income properties, commercial projects, business loans of all kinds, working capital, venture projects, factoring, accounts receivable, auto, truck, boat and equipment loans or leases, debt consolidation, and much more.

Who are the lenders?

The most important part of this business is knowing who and where the lender are. We provide you with many lenders such as insurance companies, credit unions, private lenders, pension funds, many lending institutions, and co-broker services all across Malaysia. The loan are for any amount with no upper limit. We have lenders in your region as well and you negotiate with them directly. What you do is submit the loan applications direct to the lenders. They are all categorized for your convenience.

How do I get paid as a loan broker?

When a loan proposal is accepted, you receive a fee commensurate on the type and size of the loan. Fees are paid to you by the borrower or the lender by written agreement.

As a loan broker, am I personally responsible for loans that go bad?


No! You are not responsible or liable for any loans after they are funded.

Don't miss out on this amazing business opportunity.




To become a loan broker, you only need to pay a small investment of only RM380 that will make you financially successful.

You will receive training with all the know-how that is needed to become a successful loan broker.

You will also receive your own identities SMI Funding name card.

A proven source of access to capital for small business, SMI Funding can be a very rewarding sales partner for you. Over the past 6 years, we have helped over 300  Small Business Fundings and get the working capital they need - even when they’ve been turned down by their own bank. Our more flexible approach to small business finance has helped our sales partners earn more than million in commissions.


As a SMI Funding loan broker, you’ll be working with a company that has high customer retention. In fact, nearly 3 out of 4 eligible customers return for more than one funding. You’ll also have the tools, products, and knowledge you need to close more deals and develop new revenue streams through your independent sales organization.

We want to ingrained in people's mind - If you or your company is short on cash, who you gonna call? SMI Funding!