Program Kebajikan Khidmat Imigran (PKKI) 

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Passport or Travel Document


All persons entering Malaysia must possess valid national passports or other internationally recognised  Travel Documents valid for travelling to Malaysia.  These documents must be valid for at least six months from the date of entry into Malaysia.


Those  with passports  not recognised  by Malaysia  must apply  for a  document in  lieu of Passport as well as visa issued by the Malaysian Representative Office abroad. Applications for visas can be made at the nearest Malaysian Representative Office in the respective countries.  


In countries where Malaysian Representative Office has not been established, applications can be made to the nearest High Commission or Embassy. 1.2  Visa Requirement A visa is an endorsement in a passport or other recognised travel document of a foreigner indicating that the holder has applied for permission to enter Malaysia and that permission has been granted. Foreign nationals who require a visa to enter Malaysia must apply and obtain a visa in advance at any Malaysian Representative Office abroad before entering the country.

Passes Requirements


Other than application for entry for the purpose of social or business visits, application for visit passes must be made before the arrival in the country.  


A pass is an endorsement in the passport constituting permission to stay for an approved duration. Foreigners who visit Malaysia must obtain the pass at the point of entry besides visa (where required) which allows him to stay temporarily in Malaysia.


All such applications must have sponsorship in Malaysia whereby the sponsors agree to be responsible for the maintenance and repatriation of the visitors from Malaysia if necessary.


Passes given to foreign visitors upon arrival are as follows:


(i) Visit Pass (Social) Short  Term A  Visit Pass is issued to foreigners for the purpose of a social or/and business visit, such as :


•Owners and company representatives entering Malaysia to attend a company meeting,  conference or  seminar,  inspect the  company’s  accounts or  to ensure the smooth running of the company.


• Investors or  business men entering to explore business and investment opportunities or setting up manufacturing plant

•Foreign representatives of companies entering to introduce goods for manufacture in Malaysia, but not to engage in direct selling or distribution

• Property owners entering to negotiate,sell or lease properties


•Foreign journalist or reporters from mass media agencies entering to cover any event in Malaysia


•Participants in sporting  events


•Visitor entering on other activities than above as approved by the Director General of Immigration These passes cannot be used for employment or for supervising the installation of new machinery or the construction of a factory.


(ii)  Visit Pass (Social) Long  Term Long term social visit pass may be issued to a foreigner for temporary stay in Malaysia for a period of not less than six months. Extension may be given based on visitors’ eligibility and upon fulfilling certain conditions.      Foreign spouses to Malaysians, holding a long term social visit pass are allowed to be engaged on any form of paid employment or in any business or professional occupation without converting their Social  Visit Pass status to Employment Pass or Visit Pass (Temporary Employment)


(iii)  Visit Pass (Temporary Employment) This is issued to foreigners who enter the country to take up employment for less than 24 months.      


(iv)   Employment Pass    This is issued to foreigners who enter the country to take up employment for a minimum period of two years.  Employment pass is issued after the applicant has obtained the approval for expatriate post from the relevant authorised agencies.


(v)  Visit Pass (Professional) This is issued to foreigners for the purpose of engaging on short-term contract with any agency.