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SMI Funding Referral Program

Earn 10% when your referral becomes our client

As an Referral, all you have to do is refer clients to SMI Funding and get rewarded for it. Each time one of the clients on your network makes a loan or grant approval you will receive commission. The program is available to all our registered clients and is the first step towards expanding your existing network.

Our Referral program is a unique opportunity for our clients to earn from their network and is one of the most lucrative partnership programs in the Finance industry. As an Referral , all you have to do is refer clients to SMIFunding and get rewarded for it.

Help your loved ones to fullfill their dreams. SMI Funding Referral Program helps you just that! Refer for loans to your family, friends & colleagues, and get attractive commission in return.

To be a part of this referral program, refer your friends to avail Business Loan, Personal Loan and Home Loan. Every friend you refer, you can earn commission.

To be a part of this referral program, refer your friends to avail Home Loan, Personal Loan, Business Loan, Government Grant & etc. Every friend you refer, can earn you rewards up to RM10,000 and referring 10 friends can earn you rewards up to RM100,000* and more. The more number of friends you refer, the more you earn, making the possibilities of your rewards limitless.

*Exact amount that you earn will depend on the loan amount or grant amount disbursed through your reference.

As a trusted referral agent, you could refer confidently your clients, friends, colleagues to SMI Funding,to fulfill their loan requirements.

With our experience in offering solutions to customers for their loan requirement, this is a win-win situation.

How it Works :

*Once we receive your reference, concern team will verify and they will forward to sales team. Once it approve will be consider Referral Sales. You will get a confirmation by whatsapp or phone number.

Terms and Conditions :

Applicable commission will be generated after 3 days of disbursal date.

All type of loans is on discretion of associated banks or government agency.             

Need Help Please Call or Whatsapp us 016-2608323

Helping small business is our life’s work



Since 2000, we have helped small businesses to access more money than they could obtain elsewhere, providing access to over RM40 Million in funding to small businesses in over 50 industries. Working capital they may not have been able to get elsewhere..

Simple and straightforward


We make it easy to open new revenue streams for your business by referring your small business customers to SMI Funding with our customer referral program. Access to working capital can help your customers thrive and grow with your company. All you need to do is submit basic customer information to SMI Funding through a simple online form - we take care of the rest.

High approval rates


When we evaluate a business, we look at several factors, including how long they’ve been in business and their monthly revenue. This broader view enables us to facilitate approval for a much higher number of small businesses than other financial institutions.

Customer retention


Based on great service and valuable products, nearly 3 out of 4 of eligible customers choose to work with SMI Funding again.

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