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List of Grant from Ministries or Agencies 

The government of Malaysia under several ministries or agencies offered grants to the Malaysian and also Foreigners that looking forward to set up, expand, diversify and modernize their business in Malaysia. Below are the type of grant offered by ministries or agencies which we can give advisor on application.


MIDA (Malaysian Investment Development Authority)

Application Close.jpg

Type Of Grant:


Maximum Grant RM500K

Status : 



The Domestic Investment Accelerator Fund (DIAF) – ESG Adoption is a matching grant for ESG adoption that was introduced to support Malaysian-owned Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and Mid-Tier Companies (MTCs) in the manufacturing and selected services sectors for the transition into ESG practices.

The grant is given on a matching basis of either 50:50 or 70:30 based on a case-to-case basis with a maximum reimbursable amount of RM500,000 per company.

  1. To facilitate and assist SMEs and MTCs to transition into ESG practices through validation and verification of ESG adoption, certification, disclosures, as well as for the subscription of technology system/ software for the purpose of ESG tracking and data collections;

  2. To ensure Malaysian SMEs and MTCs remain relevant and competitive in the global supply chain and to have the opportunity to be part of the ecosystem for sustainable investment projects; and

  3. To enhance the SMEs' and MTCs’ prospects for ESG-mandated funds from financial institutions, venture capital and private equity firms.


The company must be incorporated under the Companies Act, 2016. Effective equity ownership of the company must be at least 51% Malaysians.  The company possesses a valid Business Licence from the respective Local Authority.

The companies must engage/ undertake any of the following activities:-

  1. Manufacturing activities where the company must possess a valid Manufacturing Licence (ML) from MITI or the Confirmation Letter for Exemption from ML from MIDA in compliance with the Industrial Coordination Act, 1975; or

  2. Services activities that are governed/ supervised by relevant ministries/ agencies in the following areas: - a) Hotel and Tourism; b) Private Healthcare; c) Private Education; d) Oil & Gas Services; e) Global Establishment - Principal Hub/Global Services Hub; f) R&D Activities; g) Logistics Services; or h) Other Services: - i. Ship Building Ship Repair; ii. Green Technology Project - Business Purpose; iii. Sterilisation Services; iv. Digital Infrastructure; and v. Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul for Aerospace.

  3. The company has been in operation for at least 3 years.

Note:  All SMEs and MTCs must be entities registered with the Companies Commission of Malaysia; and

Geran Perniagaan Mikro (GPM)

SME Corporation Malaysia

Application Close.jpg

Type Of Grant:

Machinery, Software, E-Commerce, Advertising

Maximum Grant RM200K

Status : 


Pakej Bantuan

  • Pembungkusan & Pelabelan

  • Pengiklanan & Promosi

  • Mesin & Peralatan (Produktiviti & Automasi)

  • Adaptasi ICT & eDagang

  • Sewaan premis perniagaan terhad kepada 12 bulan

  • Aktiviti berkaitan bagi penerokaan pasaran ke luar negara & latihan / kursus / seminar / persidangan berkaitan eksport


Permohonan dibuka dari 20 September 2023 hingga 31 Oktober 2023 ATAU sehingga penerimaan permohonan mencapai jumlah komitmen maksimum yang diperuntukkan (yang mana terdahulu).

Kriteria Kelayakan

  • Mempunyai pengesahan sebagai perusahaan mikro dalam Sijil Akuan Status PMKS yang sah tempoh [Status PMKS] [Definisi PMKS]

  • Sekurang-kurangnya 60% milikan tempatan

  • Mempunyai Lesen Premis Perniagaan yang sah daripada Pihak Berkuasa Tempatan

  • Telah beroperasi sekurang-kurangnya selama 6 bulan

  • Terbuka kepada semua sektor ekonomi kecuali sektor berkaitan pertanian asas, kewangan, insurans, hartanah dan urusan berniaga dalam sekuriti


MDEC (Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) Sdn Bhd)

Application Close.jpg

Type Of Grant:

R&D, Digitalization, Commercialization

Maximum Grant RM5Mil

Status : 

Opening Soon


Malaysia Digital Acceleration Grant intent is to accelerate the growth of Malaysia Digital Status companies that are in commercialisation and expansion stages to become regional champions and is aligned with Malaysia Digital promoted sectors and tech enablers.

1) Encourage

Encourage and promote strategic, high growth and high impact activities in the digital focus areas in moving up the value-chain and ecosystem.

2) Accelerate

Accelerate business activities that bring significant impact to Malaysia’s Digital Economy in the context of expansion or enhancement of operations via technology adoption and continuous digital innovation.

3) Ensure

Ensure competitive and sustainable growth of the companies and be the testament of Malaysia as digital economic powerhouse.


  • Reference should be past track record (where applicable), together with the branding and any other relevant information. Some criteria may include the following:

  • Brand name;

  • Expertise; and/or

  • Influence in industry such as awards or recognitions.

  • Local spending and capital growth, return of investment, benefits to Malaysia, both direct and indirect, where applicable.

  • Other potential spill-over/benefits to local ecosystem and value-chain.

  • Revenue, export market, number of jobs, type of jobs, potential technical exposure to locals. Emphasis on export should be focused on local companies so that they become regional or global.

  • For foreign companies, emphasis should be on the establishment of new Malaysia Digital activities.

  • Industry linkages, the establishment of a Centre of Excellence, training programmes for fresh graduates or the hiring of qualified employees, collaboration with tertiary institutions or academy for training and knowledge transfer.


  1. Eligible company
    Incorporated in Malaysia under Companies Act 1965 or the Companies Act 2016; and
    Minimum paid up capital of at least RM50,000.00
    MSC or MD status companies or MD status to be approved within the grant period
    The SSM of a company should reflects a digital business presence. If there is no digital business presence in the SSM, the application will be rejected.

  2. The company must be in operation for at least one (1) year.

  3. The company must be related to technology as per stated in the SSM; and/or Company demonstrated technology related to Malaysia Digital (MD) promoted sectors and tech enablers.

  4. Must be approved MSC Malaysia/Malaysia Digital (MD) status company within twelve (12) months or to remain as MSC Malaysia/Malaysia Digital (MD) status from effective date of the Grant Period.

Click here to download full version of Eligibility Criteria


  • Digital Agriculture

  • Digital Services

  • Digital Cities

  • Digital Health

  • Digital Finance

  • Digital Trade

  • Digital Content

  • Digital Tourism

  • Islamic Digital Economy

*Not limited to the above-mentioned sector.


  • Artificial Intelligence & Big Data Analytics

  • Blockchain

  • Cloud & Data Centre

  • Cybersecurity

  • DroneTech

  • Internet of Things

  • Robotic, Automation & Extended Reality

  • Creative Media Technology including extended reality (XR) and/or mixed reality (MR)

  • Integrated circuit (IC) design and/or embedded software

  • Advanced network connectivity and/or telecommunication technology


  • Local Owned Company

Up to 70% of total cost or up to
RM5 Million whichever is lower.

Grant Duration:

The quantum of Funding period of up to three (3) years.

  • Foreign Owned Company

Up to 70% of total cost or up to
RM5 Million whichever is lower. Officially
registered and currently operational in Malaysia.

Grant Duration:

The quantum of Funding period of up to three (3) years.


SME Corporation Malaysia

Application Close.jpg

Type Of Grant:


Maximum Grant RM500K

Status : 

Opening Soon

Programme for Enhancement of Strategic Industry and High Growth Enterprise (PRESTIGE) aims at developing high growth SMEs in strategic sectors such as Medical Devices, Biotechnology, Aerospace, Rail etc. in line with the National Entrepreneurship Policy (DKN 2030).

The programme envisions the creation of globally competitive SMEs through two (2) strategic goals, namely:

  • Expand the number of high growth and innovative firms to that generate a substantial share of employment and output; and

  • Raise the productivity of high growth SMEs to boost incomes and standards of living.

Matching grant assistance with a maximum of RM500,000 for each participating SME for:

Applicable to all sector

Scope’s of grant:

  • Product and Process improvement

  • Production prototypes and standards

  • Product testing and validation

  • Compliance and regulatory certification

  • Quality Management System and Manufacturing/ Enterprise Resource Planning (MRP/ERP)

  • Marketing and promotional activities


PRESTIGE aspires to create home-grown champions through a targeted approach by building the capability and capacity of participating companies through development programmes, provision of market intelligence and enhancement in market access with the following elements:

  • Technological Adoption
    Improving participating SMEs’ technology capability through the adoption of IR4.0 related activities that will increase manufacturing capability and efficiency:

  • Organisational Transformation
    Developing action plans for the SMEs to address the identified gaps and supporting their business process transformation through modification of policies, procedures, and processes according to the respective industry’s requirements; and

  • Marketing Strategy
    Development of marketing activities and strategy to expand participating SMEs’ market share and global presence.



SME Corporation Malaysia

Application Close.jpg

Type Of Grant:


Maximum Grant RM200K

Status : 


In support of this strategy, the implementation of SMEs export enhancement programme provides financial assistance in the form of matching grant in order to SMEs with internationalisation activities through export programmes namely:

  1. SMEs Go Global Programme (SMEGO - maximum grant up to RM200,000,00*Subject to current government policy and decision.

Applicable to all sector

Scope’s of grant:

Components of SMEs Export Enhancement Programme

  • Market Linker and Practitioner Experts’ Services.

  • Office Management Overseas.

  • Manufacturing of product prototypes for international buyers.

  • Export Packaging Enhancement and Services.

  • International buyers‘ audit visits to Malaysia.

  • Market Immersion Activites Overseas.

  • Certification & Compliance with International Standards.

  • Participation in e-marketplace / e-commerce.

  • Traning / Courses / Seminars / Conferences Related to Export.


  • Possess Malaysian SME Status Certificate issued by SME Corporation Malaysia.

  • At least 60% Malaysian equity.

  • Valid business licenses from local authorities and operating at valid business premises (subject to business activities).

  • Have been in business operations for at least 3 years.

  • Minimum 3-Star SCORE rating and above and reach the latest annual sales of at least RM1 million.

  • Audited Financial Statement for at least 2 years.

  • Submit business income tax statement (with valid evidence) under the Income Tax Act 1967.

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