By partnering with SMI FUNDING Partner program, you’ll access a multitude of benefits while increasing the value added to your customers.

Opportunities for Every Entrepreneur



Automation Suppliers

Machinery & Software Supplier, Consultants & Engineers looking for an innovative way to grow their businesses

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Financial Agencies

Business Financial agencies, Banker, Credit Company, Accounting & Lawyer Firms who want to expand their business scope



Inexperienced yet ambitious people with dreams to launch their own financial business venture

Unlock the Benefits of Partnership

Unlock the Benefits of Partnership


*   Earn without spending

Forget about the need for investments, learn and start learning directly from your sales, with no overhead costs.

*   New niche and our financial solutions

Cash in on the growing  business. Not only will you develop your business but you’ll also get a leg up by partnering with a hugely successful company.

*   Free training & priority support 

New in financial industry? Don’t worry. You’ll get instant access to in-demand video courses and a personal coach to guide you.

*   Generate leads & customers. 
We’ll help you get your business in front of new people, match you with customers who need your services and list you in our Expert Partner Directory.
*  Gain exposure
Since we already have an established audience, you can work with our marketing team to build your brand by writing think pieces, hosting webinars, guest starring on our social media and more.



SMI FUNDING is quickly becoming one of major player in financial industry of Malaysia. Our management team remains available online/offline to assist whenever you need. We have a strong marketing support which enable you prospecting your customers comfortably.

The response on our provided solutions has been huge — more than we can handle! So, that’s why we need partners who can offer all the extra value add-ons that we can’t.

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Unlock the Benefits of Partnership

On a Mission to Grow


You will earn 35% commission by servicing your clients, but you are not just a agent. As your skills grow, the bulk of your revenue will come from the added value you provide — and that income is 100% yours.

Basic Services

Any partner, regardless of their experience and profession, can earn from training customers or simply by setting up their own company


With our financial solutions in your bag, marketers can offer customers services that bring about tangible results, such as driving more leads and boosting conversion rates.


If you’re a developer, then you can open an entirely new revenue stream by building your own website which can work as subsidiary website to SMI FUNDING having backlinks to


If you’re a consultant, you’ll be able to add value by conducting trainings, providing professional feedback, analyzing costs and offering other services.

Start, Run, Grow


 1 Apply to become a partner

Answer a few questions to take the first step toward getting your badge

 2 Watch the on-demand video course

Access materials that will help you study to become certified

 3 Complete the certification test

Pass the test to become certified

 4 Get Listed

Get published on our Partner Directory and hit the ground running as an Official partner


We are here to assist you every step on the way to become an Official SMI Partner

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Mr Eric Lee


IMG_20210308_113237 - Copy.jpg

Mr Ricky

Managing Director

IMG_20210308_173450 - Copy.jpg

Mr Firdaus

Senior Expert Grants

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Ms Jenice

Senior Account Manager


How the process to become an official SMI FUNDING Partner?

Please click on 'Be Partner' and subscribe for a SMI Partners program, fill up the required signup form and click on submit which will direct you to training portal. Save the link of training portal so that you can revisit as many as times you need to learn financial solutions we have to offer.

What do I get being an official SMI FUNDING Partner?

Upto 30% of total commission SMI acquires from the client upon successful closing of each case

How do I make a sale through the Partner Portal?

Partner Portal carries all the relevant information required to make sales and we keep it updated as there are always changes remain in effect. Partner Portal is trully a partner of each Partner because it offers all guidance, information, & other updates which are essential to know for sales

What are the benefits of becoming a partner?

Complete freedom of working time, work at your convenient time and place. Beside earning commissions it will give great avenues to expand your own business network which will help you in various ways.

Is there any marketing or promotion content available for partners?

A Big Yes. You can find explainer videos on financial solutions like grants and loans on youtube and other media channels. It's very easy way to send information to your prospects with link rather than sending long pdfs though we have pdf as well. If you see a missing link or info in our explaner videos please notify us so that we can create new one considering your notice.

Can someone from the SMI FUNDING  team help me close a sale?

Absolutely. Just give us a call and we go from there. Please find contact information on

Where can I get in touch if I have questions about the partnership?

You can always call us or email. Please find contact information on

I have a technical problem/question, who can I get in touch with?

You can always call us or email us. Please find contact information on

I tried to pass the certification test but I didn't succeed, what do I do?

No problem. Every success is preceded by failures as everyone sees the success but hardly anyone sees how many failures occured in the way. \ You can always re-take the test as many as times you need. Purpose is to have you learnt, the better you learn the better ready you become in the field. Learning brings the confidence!

How do I enter the Partner Portal?

Please goto Login page, enter your credentials and submit

Does SMI FUNDING provide me tags and name card?

Yes, we can provide

What happens if I don't make a sale?

You don't get any commissions. We recommend in this case give us time to discuss how to improve your performance.

Can SMI Funding schedule a training session for me?

Absolutely. We are looking for committed and serious candidates, not the 'try and see' ones. If you have any questions and concerns, we are here to answer those. Please follow contact information on

How do I become Partner?

It’s a simple step login to our portal

  • Step 1: To Register click on the Partner Program tab and fill out your details
  • Step 2: Fill the answer to the questions to finish setting up your partner profile
  • Step 3: Your on your way to being an official SMIFunding partner and you can start enjoying all of the program benefits! Once you have completed the questions, Click on the tab Partner Portal

You can Browse through for

  • Welcome to Portal
  • Partner Portal for Loans
  • Partner Portal for Grants
  • Support
  • SMI Referral Program
  • Take Certification Test
  • FAQ

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