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Select the loan that you want

Having difficulty on getting a Loan approved and don't know how, where, which is the best products that suit you?

If you have a problem on getting a loan, maybe you have no time to sources for loan which are the best and lowest interest and don't know own credit history will affect the approval? Lack of knowledge on income documents, you come to the right place.

Most 10 reason why loan rejected & how we can help you to get 95% approval

Most of the time bank will not share the reason of rejection to you, but we know the reason cause we are close with them, we know what the bank want and what they don't.

  1. Applicant has other substantial borrowings resulting in high commitment.

  2. Total Usages of Credit card or OD above 80%

  3. Unsatisfactory repayment records with other lenders.

  4. Application has cases which are pending legal action

  5. High business / Industry risk 

  6. Lack of required documents

  7. Income Insufficiency or Instability

  8. Lack of financial commitments or too many personal loan

  9. Too many application in this latest six month

  10. Problem of verification office

The problem is you don't know own credit history will effect the approval & lack of knowledge on income documents. That why you must check you ctos & ccris first before you submit any loan, it reflects past 12 month of you related loan credit product. Statistia in ccris never lie. All bank view the same report.

Our job is to create a solution to settle all of the above problem and help you get 95% approval before we submit to the banker or lender.

How our process work

Just fill out one simple application

Answer just a few questions and you will see which lending products you qualify apply. SMIFunding features leaders in every financial category, so you can rest assured that you’re accessing the best products on the market that suit you.

Connect with your lending specialist.

We’ll pair you with an experienced lending consultant who will reach out to get to know you. We’ll assess your’s credit score and your income to view your Financial Weaknesses and Strengths. Our goal is to get you 95% approval rate and find you a product or lender that’s perfectly suit you

Sit back we will get a financing solution for you

You don’t have to shop - we do it for you. Our lending consultant will do the analysis and get a financing solution and matches you with the products that you qualify for.

Appoint us as your Financial Advisor.

With advice from our lending consultant solution of your problem and a clear understanding of our commission charges. Appoint us as your financial advisor and you can confidently move forward with the lending product that best suits your needs.

We submit and get it approved.

Your financial advisory will make sure your documents and your credit score is good enough. Then we submission to our connected Financial Institutions. We make sure it run smooth, efficient and  we take care of any issues on the way and get it approved.

We keep on supporting you to get funded until you enough

After you’re funded, you and your financial advisor will work through a plan to get you better lending products in the future. When that time comes, we’ll be there to help you take the next step.

Select the loan that you want

Why use our Service?

Our consultants are commission based, hence they need to work closely with you and the banks until your loan is approved. If not, they won’t get a single cent. We charge service fee based on the loan approved. No approval, no commission to be paid. mean you are guarantee NO RISK


To obtain 95% approval rate and best deal, the consultant need to understand your needs, filter your documents, check your credit report and entitlement, work in hand with you and find the best solution, terms and interest rates to suit you.


Accumulated 10 years of experience & Resolved over thousands of Business Loan cases. The successful examples are still running their business pursuing a better cause.


Our loan consultancy team consisting of Premium Banker, Ex-Banker, Risk management officer from bank.


And most importantly, you save a lot of time and the hassle going from bank to bank and hence, we are the one stop centre for you.


We same as the Banker, but Banker just represents their bank, they only can help you to apply the loan from their own bank, and we do not belong to any bank. We can help you to get few banks approve together until you have enough of fund that you requested.


We can help you to filter your documents, qualification, natural of business and other information, to find out which Commercial bank or Government scheme which having higher rate of approval.


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