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Finding the best Personal Loan in Malaysia 

Learn about each personal loan product available on the SMI Funding Smart Seach.

This is a simple AEON Personal Financing with express approval and flexible repayments. Pay at low monthly profit rates for up to 7 years!

Gov. Employee, GLC & Private sector

Loan Amount RM1,000 - RM4,900    Interest Rate 14.4% p.a.

Loan Amount RM5,000-RM100,000  Interest Rate 9.6% p.a.

A flat rate unsecured Islamic Personal Loan with low monthly instalments, no processing fees, and super fast approval! Get your cash today with flexible financing tenure for up to 7 years

Gov. Employee, GLC & Private sector

Alliance Bank CashFirst Personal Loan

Interest Rate 7.68%

Pay off your debts at once and settle all your problems with Alliance Bank CashFirst personal loan. Borrow for up to 7 years at a great interest rate, witInterest Rate 7.68%h fast approval and no processing fee.

Gov. Employee, GLC & Private sector

Al-Rajhi Personal Financing-i

Interest Rate 8.99%

You can afford to borrow within your budget with Al Rahji Islamic personal loans.

Gov. Employee, GLC & Private sector

AmBank Am Money Line

Interest Rate 8%

Personal loans made easy with zero processing fees and low monthly repayments. Cash disbursed in 24 hours.

Gov. Employee, GLC & Private sector

AmBank Islamic AmMoneyLine Facility-i

Interest Rate 8%

ian unsecured Islamic personal financing which requires no collateral or guarantors, with 5% rebate per year awarded for prompt payments.

Gov. Employee and GLC

Interest Rate 8%

Bank Islam Floating Rate Personal Financing-i Package

Interest Rate 6.65%

Get your needed cash financing up to RM200000 with Bank Islam that doesn't require guarantor and upfront deposit!

Gov. Employee and GLC

Interest Rate 6.65%

Bank Islam Personal Financing-i Medical Practitioner

Interest Rate 4.99%

An unsecured Islamic personal loan package for the Medical Profession

Medical Practitioner

Bank Islam Flat Rate Personal Financing-i Package

Interest Rate 4.99%

A Shariah compliant personal financing with no hidden fees that will thin your wallet! That's not all, your application is also guaranteed with fast approval.

Gov. Employee and GLC

Interest Rate 4.99%

Bank Rakyat Pembiayaan Peribadi-i Rakan Pintar

Interest Rate 3.27%

Attractive interest rate personal loan especially for government employees. Offers finance to workers with income as low as RM1000 a month.

Gov. Employee and GLC

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Point To Be Considered Before Taking A Personal Loan:

  • Share all the accurate information at time of filling up of application form. Bank will process your loan based the information you provide

  • Processing fees are deducted from Loan amount and thus do not pay any fees in cash/cheque to anyone to process your loan sanctioning

  • Compare Loan offers & deals but handover document to any one of the bank of your choice


What is Personal Loan?


A personal loan is usually of a smaller amount than a mortgage and used for personal purposes, instead of commercial/business needs. It includes loans for reasons like going on vacation, wedding, buying of new furniture and various other needs that arise for an individual.

Characteristic of Personal Loan

  • Personal loans are usually “Unsecured Loans”, which means they are offered without any collateral in return. Such loans are mainly based on the credit history of the customer who hasn’t defaulted on his/her credit card payments.

  • The interest rates of Personal Loan are allotted based on the salary of the customer, amount being borrowed and credit history, amongst others

  • A short-tenure loan, the repayment period are usually of the time period of 1-5 years

  • Requires the least bit of paper-work and is usually approved within 48 hours of application submission

  • Additional to the processing fee, charges for late payment penalty, pre-payment fee, administration charges and cheque bounce charges are also included in the personal loan

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