Startup Loan for business


The CGC, investors and “family and friends” are all options for your startup business to find working capital. But, are you interested in securing a more traditional loan to help grow your business? On the SMI Funding Smart Seach, we have two small business startup loan products that can help you get the capital you need to grow. These two products (-StartUps Loan and Personal Loan) are a more traditional form of capital and a great option if you have a strong personal credit report, and are looking to start building on your business credit, too!

Maximum Loan Amount

RM50,000 - RM300,000


1 - 5 years

Interest Rate 

6.95% - 8.30%


1 Month


i-StartUps Loan provides a channel for a new businesses devoid of track records or collaterals, as start-ups play an important in the country's economic growth.


It is imperative that new businesses stay competitive in order to be able to focus on business growth right from the beginning. As such, the i-StartUps Loan will be reasonably priced to assist in the management of cash flows of the SMEs during this vital period of growth.

Product description:

Eligibility Criteria


Aged 21 – 58 (at the point of application)

Must be SME per National SME Development Council’s (NSDC) definition.

Business registered in Malaysia and is Malaysian-controlled or Malaysian-owned (at least 51% shareholding)

Business is at least licensed by a local authority

Business has been licensed and/or in operations for less than 3 years


Financing Amount

Min – RM50,000

Max – RM300,000

* Depending on eligibility of each customer

Type of Facility


Term Financing only

* For the purpose of working capital and/ or asset acquisition

Financing Rate


Min – BFR + 0.30%

Max – BFR + 1.65%

* Prevailing BFR is based on Maybank Islamic BFR and is subject to further changes



Maximum of seven (7) years


Application Procedures

Application form is available at all CGC’s branches