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Written by Accounts department of SMI FUNDING

The following terms and conditions, together with any modifications, amendments, exhibits, disclosures, addendums, or details of a specific program set forth in an insertion order in the form annexed hereto as Exhibit A (the “SMI Funding Official Partner Program”), as they may be amended or modified from time to time, constitute a binding legal agreement This Agreement applies to your participation in our SMI Funding Partner Pro (the “Program”), including your use of our Program’s website available at or any future site (collectively the “Site”).

If you do not agree to this Agreement in its entirety, you are not authorized to register as an SMI Funding Official Partner or use the Site in any manner.


Standardlink SMI Consultancy reserves the right to make changes to the Site and to this Agreement at any time. The changes will become effective immediately upon posting. Your continued participation in the Program and use of the Site after any such changes and a notification (which may be provided to you by email to the address you provided at registration) shall constitute your consent to the

changes. By enrolling in the Program and registering as an Affiliate, you understand and agree to the following


Section 1. Subscription & Unsubscription


A prospective SMI Funding Official Partner shall signup through the site (, attend all available Official SMI Partner Program video lessons, appear in Official SMI Funding Partner test and successfully pass the test ( Official SMI Funding Partner) Failure to either will render the prospective SMI Official Partner Program ineligible to join the Program. StandardLink SMI Consultancy will evaluate the application in good faith and notify the applicant upon prospect’s successful result of the test & will be granted access to Official SMI Funding Partner tools. In case of failure in the test, the prospect is allowed to make unlimited attempts to appear in the test untill one succeeds. StandardLink SMI Consultancy reserves a right to cancel the partnership of any successful Official SMI Funding Partnership without prior notice


Official SMI Funding Partner (the partner) shall promptly notify Standardlink SMI Consultancy in the event of a material change in its business practices or strategy that may impact its participation in the Program. The partner’s marketing content either online or offline must be aligned with SMI Funding’s guidelines, in case of declining so, the StandardLink  reserves a right to cancel official SMI Funding partner’s partnership without exhibiting any reason. To abstain such scenario, it is officially advised all the partners keep Standardlink SMI Consultancy management in confidence.


Section 2. Underlying Partners


If an Official SMI Funding Partner also maintains its own network of Partners (“Underlying Partners”), such a partner may recommend participation of its Underlying Partner in the Program without the prior acceptance

by each Underlying Participant of the terms and conditions of this Agreement.


Standardlink SMI Consultancy must be informed all social or media links or contents’ links owned by the partners.


In addition, the content of the Partner’s  Media must comply with all applicable laws and regulations

(including all laws respecting personal, intellectual property or copyrights, and securities laws). In

any event, the partner’s Media shall not include the following:

a) Racial, ethnic, political, hate-mongering or otherwise objectionable content;

b) Investment, money-making opportunities or advice not permitted under law;

c) Gratuitous violence or profanity;

d) Material that defames, abuses, or threatens physical harm to others;

e) Promotion of illegal substances or activities such as illegal online gambling, how to build

a bomb, counterfeiting money, etc.;

f) Software pirating;

g) Hacking or phreaking;

h) Obscenity and any spoofing, redirecting, or trafficking from adult-related websites in an

effort to gain traffic;

i) Any reference to pornography, lotteries, firearms or ammunition;

j) False or misleading information regarding Advertiser; or

k) Any illegal activity whatsoever.


Section 3. The Official SMI Funding Partner’s commissions.


Official SMI Funding Referral Partners:

10% of total commissions SMI FUNDING receives from client.


Official SMI Funding Partners:

30% of total commissions received by SMI FUNDING from client


Elite Official SMI Funding Partner

Once Official SMI Funding Partners hits the commission (Income) received from us above RM10,000.00, the partner is entitled as Elite Official SMI Funding Partner and can get overriding commission from his/her direct downline cases with 5% of total commissions received by company from his/her downline client.

Customized Commissions

SMI Funding’s normal charges for clients are  20% (For example), though if a partner likes to top up the commission such as 25% for client. In such cases where access of 5% is charged from client in terms of SMI Funding consultation fee, the 30% of that accumulated amount goes to SMI Funding and 70% of 5% commissions goes to partner. Any commissions which exceeds 20% in terms of SMI Funding consultation fee is awarded per 70/30 rule as mentioned above.


Section 4. Role of Official SMI Funding Partners (the partner)


Presentation to prospects and getting client sign the required agreement by

Standardlink SMI Consultancy.


Collecting required documents from clients and keeping them in

Satisfied confidence till the final disbursement


Passing on the required documentations from clients to Standardlink SMI



The Official SMI Funding partner must inform his/her bank account information to

Standardlink SMI Consultancy for transferring commissions


The partner will be solely responsible for his/her own endeavours with respect to Official SMI Funding Partner Program

Standardlink SMI Consultancy reserves the right to update the terms & conditions

for above mentioned Agreement with All Rights Reserved

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