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Grow Your Business with MBF Loan-Best & Fast Approval

Goal: To support Malaysian microbusinesses financially and provide them more authority so they can expand and succeed.

To assist microbusinesses in growing their markets and increasing their capability

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Qualifications for an MBF loan:

SME Corp. Malaysia certified the company as a micro enterprise under the MSME Status Certification. [Status of MSME] [Definition of MSME]

Microbusinesses that are SSM, Local Authorities, Agencies, and Professional Bodies registered

60% or more of the shareholding is owned by Malaysians

Holding a current business license that was granted by the local government

A minimum of 24 months of operation

Owners of businesses who are 55 years of age or older must give a second guarantee who will act as the company's successor.


All economic sectors are eligible for MBF loans, with the exception of primary agriculture, finance, insurance, real estate, and securities trading.


Financing Amount

RM50,000 – RM200,000

Financing Rate

2.0% per annum

Financing Tenure

Up to maximum of 5 years and 6 months grace period

Margin of Financing

Up to 100% of the total costs (as per eligible items).


Purchasing raw materials, stock, inventory, and consumables with working capital

IT hardware and software acquisition or leasing (including licensing and subscription fees)

Buying or leasing small gear or equipment refurbishment of commercial space, including acquisition of furniture and fittings

Operational expenses (OPEX) include rent, utilities, salaries, and other costs.


Micro, small, and micro enterprises (MSMEs) are a lucrative and dynamic segment of Malaysia's growing economy. Micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) have increased significantly in Malaysia over the years due to an increase in the number of people who prefer to work for themselves.

A subset of tiny SMEs, micro SMEs can expand in various industries, the most common being manufacturing, services (such dining establishments and lodging), primary agricultural, construction, mining, and quarrying.

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