SME Corp BAP 3.0 is 50% Matching Grant

Business Accelerator Programme (BAP 3.0) is an integrated assistance programme aimed to enhance the capabilities of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) through business advisory services and financial support. This programme supports a wide range of capability building initiatives to assist SMEs to grow and expand their businesses locally and globally. The grant given is 50% up to RM400,000

Please be informed that SME Corp BAP is open already and announced closing is due on  

30th September 2021. First you need to apply for SME Status Certificate (latest 10 days). If you already have SME Status then you can apply online for M-Score and Grant  (Open on Q2 2022 TBC) together.  


Scope’s of grant:


RM400,000 of Grant covers:


  1. Machinery 

  2. CRM/ Automation System/ Front-end and back-end System

  3. Retrofitting (Upgraded the process or production)

  4. Warehousing System



RM50,000 of Grant cover:

  1. Online application, Mobile E-commerce E-payment & ICT applications


RM200,000 of Grant Covers:

  1. Premise Renovation (for certification requirement only)

  2. Branding & Promotion

  3. Packaging & Product Packaging


Qualifying Condition:

Undergo SEM Status Certification

Fullfill SME Definition

matching grant.jpg
SME definition.jpg

Annual sales turnover exceeds RM300k per year

At least 60% local equity

Valid Business Premises Licenses from Local Authorities

At least 6 months in operations

Undergone or willing to undergo SCORE / MCORE assessment (Min 2 star to apply)

Priority Criteria:

A business taxpayer

A minimum paid-up capital of RM30,000.00

Cash at banks at least 20% of project value

Ratio of local workers: foreigner worker at least 70:30

Projects with high value added/ contribution to increased products

Open to projects implemented 180 days / 6 months date of online submission

50% of Total approved cost allowable to be disbur supplier.



* Processing fee of RM500 for SME

* Processing fee of RM300 for Micro total cost is allowed to be paid directly to the supplier.

(imposed after the applicationis approved)


  • June 2021 (Closed) 

  • September 2021(Closed)

  • Applications open on: Q3 2022 (TBC)