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SME Corp BAP 3.0 is 50% Matching Grant

Business Accelerator Programme (BAP 3.0) is an integrated assistance programme aimed to enhance the capabilities of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) through business advisory services and financial support. This programme supports a wide range of capability building initiatives to assist SMEs to grow and expand their businesses locally and globally. The grant given is 50% up to RM400,000

Important note:

  • Applications can only be made via online** 

  • It is compulsory to obtain SME Status Certification. Please apply here [click]

  • It is recommended to apply for SCORE [click] when applying for this assistance



Application Period:

  • For information, new application for BAP 3.0 will reopen on 4 March 2024 to 31 March 2024, be prepare your SME Status now.

  • Application will be opening soon through MyBPI 

Disclaimer: Acceptance of the applications depends on the balance of the funds    

Scope’s of grant:


Mix and match RM400,000 of Grant


Project Scope

  1. Acquisition of Machinery & Equipment (Productivity & Automation)

  2. ICT Adoption & E-Commerce

  3. ESG (Environment, Social & Governance) Adoption

  4. Product Certification

  5. Advertising & Promotion (limited to RM50,000 only)


  • ICT Adoption & E-Commerce
    Adaptation of ICT & E-commerce a) Application/software planning and functionality b) Two quotes from different suppliers c) Superform Document (Core Form) SSM of the selected supplier
  • Advertising & Promotion (limited to RM50,000 only)
    Advertising & Promotion a) Media planning b) Mock-up of promotional materials c) Two quotations from different suppliers d) Other related supporting documents for the requested project e) Superform Document (Core Form) SSM of the selected supplier
  • Product Certification
    Product Certification a) Two quotations from different suppliers b) Application form (product certification from SIRIM) c) Proof of Payment d) Product testing Audit Report e) Letter/certificate for courses followed f) Superform Document (Core Form) SSM of the selected sup
  • ESG (Environment, Social & Governance) Adoption
    ESG Adaptation (Environmental, Social & Governance) a) Two quotations from different suppliers b) Second approval from the authorities (e.g. TNB for solar) c) Audit Report (if relevant) d) Mock-up / Visual artwork (if relevant) e) Any document related to the project f) SSM Superform Document (Core Form) selected supplier
  • Acquisition of Machinery & Equipment (Productivity & Automation)
    Machinery & Equipment (Productivity & Automation) a) Two quotations from different suppliers b) Catalog of machinery and equipment (if any) c) Existing floor plan d) Latest floor plan for the placement of machinery/ equipment e) Purchase agreement (if relevant) f) Commercial vehicle registration/ copy of commercial vehicle grant (if relevant) g) Superform Document (Form Core) SSM of the chosen supplier
  • Is there any marketing or promotion content available for partners?
    A Big Yes. You can find explainer videos on financial solutions like grants and loans on youtube and other media channels. It's very easy way to send information to your prospects with link rather than sending long pdfs though we have pdf as well. If you see a missing link or info in our explaner videos please notify us so that we can create new one considering your notice.
  • Does SMI FUNDING provide me tags and name card?
    Yes, we can provide
  • Can someone from the SMI FUNDING  team help me close a sale?
    Absolutely. Just give us a call and we go from there. Please find contact information on
  • How do I enter the Partner Portal?
    Please goto Login page, enter your credentials and submit
  • I have a technical problem/question, who can I get in touch with?"
    You can always call us or email us. Please find contact information on
  • Where can I get in touch if I have questions about the partnership?
    You can always call us or email. Please find contact information on
  • What are the benefits of becoming a partner?
    Complete freedom of working time, work at your convenient time and place. Beside earning commissions it will give great avenues to expand your own business network which will help you in various ways.
  • Can SMI Funding schedule a training session for me?
    Absolutely. We give 2 hours free training after passed the test and it can be either in house or zoom for 1 to 1 training. We are looking for committed and serious candidates, not the 'try and see' ones. If you have any questions and concerns, we are here to answer those. Please follow contact information on
  • How the process to become an official SMI FUNDING Partner?
    Please click on 'Be Partner' and subscribe for a SMI Partners program, fill up the required signup form and click on submit which will direct you to training portal. Save the link of training portal so that you can revisit as many as times you need to learn financial solutions we have to offer.
  • How do I become SMI Official Partner?
    It’s a simple step login to our portal Step 1: To Register click on the Partner Program tab and fill out your details. Step 2: Learn all the Lesson 1 to 12 video pages and get the Certification Test. Step 3: You on your way to being an official SMI Official partner and you can start enjoying all of the program benefits! Once you have passed the Certification Test, Click on the tab for Certify Partner Tools You can Browse through for Print your Certificate of Partnership Get your Badges Get Listed on Partner Directory Book a Zoom Meeting for your clients (To check thier Entitlement of Grant) Design Your Name Card and Tag Resources and video training
  • I tried to pass the certification test but I didn't succeed, what do I do?"
    No problem. Every success is preceded by failures as everyone sees the success but hardly anyone sees how many failures occured in the way. \ You can always re-take the test as many as times you need. Purpose is to have you learnt, the better you learn the better ready you become in the field. Learning brings the confidence!
  • What do I get being an official SMI FUNDING Partner?
    Upto 35% of total commission SMI acquires from the client upon successful closing of each case
  • What happens if I don't make a sale?
    You don't get any commissions. We recommend in this case give us time to discuss how to improve your performance.
  • How do I make a sale through the Partner Portal?
    In Partner Portal they is SMI Referral System which partner can key in their prospect information on the relevant products. we will filter it for you and update on the system on the process status. We keep it updated as there are always changes in the status. Partner Portal is trully a partner of each Partner because it offers all guidance, information, & other updates which are essential to know for sales
  • Who is suitable to join the partner program?
    Companies or Individuals possess social network and idealy have experience in financial services are ideal candidates, though if no experience, no worries, training is provided
  • Which SMI Branded materials can i use for marketing on my website or social media?
    A large amount of SMI's motion graphics' explainer videos are available on numereous media channels relevant to various financial solutions, on top of that there are lot of pdfs and other literature available which can be helpful to promote and use full for your website to showcase SMI financial solutions. Once you have passed the Certification test you can download all this on the Certify Partner Tools button.
  • How do I earn from SMI Partner Programm
    For registered and passed the Certification Test, SMI Certify Partner can get commission rate 30% to 35% of all the commission/fees collected from your customer. For referral the commission is 10% likewise.
  • Which skills do I need to have in order to join the program?
    If you have experience in financial service then you have an edge and ready to take a jump start, though training is provided, don't worry, we have experienced financial consultants available to teach you tips and tricks, ups & downs relevant to work. Though, even after training, during handling the case our consultant constant will remain in contact with you for smooth sailing of your case till approval
  • Is there a way to also register our own leads (affiliate link)?
    You will be given a promo code as a partner which can be used with referrence to client, that code will work as identifier showing the specific client belongs to you
  • How do I introduce a customer to SMI funding?
    They is a SMI Referral System in your Partner Portal. You can register and key in your client information, then you can see the update of the application status here. You will get a promote code when you register on this Referral System, give the promote code to you client to apply at our website and they will get special voucher and offer upon approval. We know this customer belong to you if they key in your promote code.
  • What's the catch? Why would you help me open up a business?
    There is nothing in the world where there is no catch. With SMI Parnter program the catch is 'Success, Good commissions, Respectable profession and Flourishing career', so what do you say! Want to catch it??? What our interest in it is 'If you succeed we get succeed', SMI's success is directly propotional with your prospereous career
  • What is SMI Partner Program? What does SMI Partner do?
    SMI Partner Program is a marketing plan which is designed to give Machinery & Software Supplier, Consultants & Engineers looking for an innovative way to grow their businesses by introduce their client to apply grant and for Financial Agencies, Banker, Credit Company, Accounting & Lawyer Firms who want to expand their business scope to increasing the value added to their customers. And for Individual & Entrepreneurs it is opportunity to build a career in financial industry. This program facilitates applicants' own network of connections regards to business, social or personal to be used for making good commissions and explore new avenues in financial industry. Please don't forget, 'your network is your networth' is today's methodology to success. You only have to let your network know that you are doing this funding service.
  • If it possible to make montly payments for my client?
    No, there was no monthly payment only pay when they need our services or funding approved
  • What makes SMI Funding unique?
    SMI FUNDING carries a strong repo and name in financial industry which makes easier to do job for partners in term of finding and reaching right prospects and closing sales
  • What if my client wants to take care of all processing and just require guidance or advisory, how do I get paid by my commission?"
    No worries, we will provide the required guidance to your client for a nominal consultation fee according to the case and you will still be paid as a referrer i.e., 10% or a Certify Partner 30% - 35%
  • Do you provide any live traininig to partners?
    At the moment we only allow to do training by Zoom Meeting in group by special arrangement or you will get 1 to 1 for 2 hours free training after you passed the Certification Test.
  • Who are SMI Funding's potential customers?
    Companies relate to manufacturing industry, suppliers & services industry linked with manufacturing, R&D company are ideal prospects for major grant products. Though there are many grants and loans available for SME's & Entrepreneurs

Qualifying Condition:

Undergo SEM Status Certification

Fullfill SME Definition

matching grant.jpg
SME definition.jpg
  • Annual sales turnover exceeds RM300k per year

  • At least 60% local equity

  • Valid Business Premises Licenses from Local Authorities

  • At least 12 months in operations

  • Undergone or willing to undergo SCORE / MCORE assessment (Min 2 star to apply)

  • Majority / common shareholders in 2 or more companies are only eligible to submit 1 application

  •  Companies that have received BAP 3.0 grants in 2021 and 2022 are not eligible to apply

  •  The same project that has been approved under any other SME Corp. Malaysia programmes is not eligible

  • Open to all economic sectors EXCEPT sectors related to primary agriculture, financial, insurance, real estate, and securities trading sectors (priority will be given to high growth industries)

Priority Criteria:

A business taxpayer

A minimum paid-up capital of RM30,000.00

Cash at banks at least 30% of project value

Ratio of local workers: foreigner worker at least 70:30

Projects with high value added/ contribution to increased products

Maximum Project of 12 Months and open to project that implemented since 1 June 2023



* Processing fee of RM500 for SME

* Processing fee of RM300 for Micro total cost is allowed to be paid directly to the supplier.

(imposed after the applicationis approved)


  • 4 march 2024 to 31 march 2024

The following is a list of documents that need to be prepared to be uploaded for the Business Accelerator Program (BAP) application.

  1. Valid PMKS Status Statement Certificate

  2. SSM Superform Document (Core Form) / SSM Company Profile Document (company establishment information, equity ownership name)

  3. Audited financial statements / management accounts for the past 3 years

  4. Valid Business Premises License from the Local Authority (PBT) / Exemption Letter by PBT / Incubator Confirmation Letter; or ▪ Business, Profession & Trade Licensing Ordinance (only for Sabah and Sarawak); or ▪ Certificate of Registration with Professional Bodies OR Approval from the Authority (if relevant). Examples: Lawyers, Doctors, Accountants, etc.

  5. Bank statement for the last 3 months

  6. Information document with pictures of premises and products using the format provided

  7. Latest EPF Contribution Statement.

  8. Documents Related to Selected Suppliers.

  9. Receipt proof of payment if the project has been paid/implemented before the application (if relevant)

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