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Mosti (Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation)

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Maximun RM4Mil

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Mosti (Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation)



NTIS is a facility that allows researchers, innovators, startups and high-tech entrepreneurs to test their products, services, business models and delivery mechanisms in a live environment.

Target Sectors

Opens to technologies, products, solutions and R&D for these prioritised sectors as below:

  • Medical and Healthcare Technology.

  • Manufacturing

  • Agriculture

  • Travel & Tourism

  • Education

Focused Technologies

It is open to all technologies, with priority given to the followings:

1. 5G/6G2. Sensor Tech3. 4d/5d printing4. Advanced Material  5. Advanced Intelligent Systems6. Augmented Analytics & Data Recovery7. Blockchain  8. Neuro Tech  9. Bioscience Tech10. Robotic11. Manufacturing Tech12. Electrical & Electronics13. Cybersecurity & Encryption14. Drones


  • Malaysian individuals or Malaysian-owned companies. The primary applicant must be a Malaysian citizen above 18 years old and residing in Malaysia.

  • Foreign companies -  JV plans / incorporation of Malaysian-owned entity upon approval of application

  • Technology Readiness Level (TRL) of 6 (Commercial Ready Prototype) and above

  • Have proof of technology ownership / permission to use the technology

  • Problems & Issues relating to market access / regulation

Financing schemes

4 types of funding schemes are available under NTIS:

  1. Single Site Sandbox – Maximum financing amount of RM250,000 in Full Grant to fund a single site sandbox solution

  2. Multi-Site Sandbox – Maximum financing amount of RM500,000 in the form of a Partial Grant (70%) to fund multiple site sandbox solutions

  3. Commercialisation – Maximum financing of RM4 million in the form of a Hybrid Fund; Grants and Convertible Promissory Notes to finance the commercialisation of the sandbox solution

  4. Matching fund with investors/corporates – Maximum allocation of RM15 million as a matching fund with investors and corporate companies. The financing instrument will be subject to agreement between MTDC and the participating investors and corporates

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