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MATRADE (Malaysia External Trade Development Corporation)

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Maximum Grant up to RM1.3Mil life time

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MATRADE (Malaysia External Trade Development Corporation)



SEF provides assistance to Malaysian Service Providers (MSPs) to undertake activities to expand and venture into the international market. The assistance is extended in the form of reimbursable grant. The grant disbursed is according to the maximum amount of each activity for the duration of the period 2021-2025.

The purpose are:

  • To increase the competitiveness of Malaysian Service Providers (MSPs) overseas;

  • To increase accessibility and expand export of MSPs in the global market;

  • To expand the scope for export promotion to gain market access and export opportunities for services; and

  • To raise the profile of Malaysia at the international level as competent service provider and brand Malaysia as a supplier of services.


  • Incorporated under Companies Act 1965

  • At least 60% Malaysian equity

  • In operation at least 1 year

  • Not government link companies

  • Register with Matrade

  • Exporting Malaysia Product / Service

  • Must Be Malaysian Brand (Made in Malaysia)

RM 1.3 Million for period of 3 Years


Under Reimbursable Grants 

Activity 1 - RM50k : Promoting Malaysian expertise as a provider of services  at international events held overseas, such as a  speaker/ panelist/ trainer/ moderator at conferences/  forums/ workshops/ seminars; or As a participant in an international competition for the  services industry held abroad. 

Activity 2 - RM50k : Travelling expenses to international destinations for  tender bidding; or Purchasing tender documents for projects overseas. 

Activity 3 - RM100k : Conducting presentations to potential clients for assessing business and projects overseas. 

Activity 4 - RM100k : Rendering services for projects undertaken overseas. 

Activity 5 -RM3 Mil (SUPPENDED) Conducting a feasibility study for a specific international  project overseas. 3Mil "The application for  Activity 5 Services  Export Fund (SEF)  is temporarily  suspended until  further notice". 

 Activity 6 - RM200k : Initial costs for first 12 months of setting up a  commercial office overseas.  

Activity 7 - RM50k : Procuring commercial intelligence/ market reports for  assessing business opportunities or projects in  international markets. 

Activity 8 - RM50k :  Preparation of prototype, system customisation/  localisation to meet project requirements overseas. 

Activity 9 - RM50K : Participation fees in training programmes held overseas  by certified bodies/ institutions for exporting services. Training program is defined as an activity or activities that include  undertaking one or a series of courses to boost performance,  productivity, skills, knowledge and/ as required by the foreign party  or that Malaysian company that bidding/ targeting for, either  physically or online, and not covered by HRDF. The training covers for the preparation and implementation of the  specific projects or purposes.

Activity 10 - RM100k : Registration fees for overseas industry certification  including compliance to sustainability for exporting  services.  Sustainability is based on the four (4) category provided by United  Nation that include Human, Social, Economic and Environment. It  comprises of 17 sustainable development goals. The claim includes for Pre-implementation, Implementation and  Post-implementation of the certification. 

Activity 11 - RM200k : Purchasing/ hire purchase/ renting of software,  machinery and equipment for exporting services  overseas.  200,000.00 

Activity 12 - RM350k : Logistic costs involved in sending of Malaysian products  and/ or equipment abroad (port to port), for overseas  projects awarded to and implemented by Malaysian  service companies. 

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