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Malaysians heading to financial crisis, really!!

By Alex Cheong Pui Yin 15th July 2022 - 5 min read

As the world market continues enduring recession it's effecting Malaysians' purchasing power as well. We all were aware in post covid world it's not going to be easy to come back in business as it was before. Malaysians are still struggling from the financial impacts of the pandemic.

Malaysian businessmen from most of industries now facing severe financial challenges that leave them vulnerable to financial shocks, as various financial aids reduced the impact in 2020 and 2021. 70% of respondents indicated that they save less than RM500/month or do not manage to save at all. This is the worst-ever result tracked by the RMFLS in 5 years.

In this difficult scenario, SMI FUNDING contributing it's share to society offering great financial solutions assistance include Grants and Loans. SMI FUNDING offers free initial zoom meeting to evaluate if client's business qualifies for any available grant or not.

If it does quality, SMI FUNDING consultant offer great assistance which gives freedom to client from all worries of documentations, submissions and processing

We invite every businessmen to visit our website and book a call to discuss. We are expecting new grants to open in near future.

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