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SME Corporation Malaysia

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Maximum RM200K

Grant Amount :
Type of Grant :

Advertising, E-Commerce, Machinery, Software,

Status :


Agency :

SME Corporation Malaysia


BEEP aims to create and develop competitive, resilient and dynamic Bumiputera SMEs through integrated assistance to strengthen SMEs core business, build capacity and capability, increase productivity and facilitate their access to financing. The grant riven is 50% up to RM200,000

Applicable to all sector

Scope’s of grant:

  • Productivity and Automation;

  • Online Applications, e-Commerce, e-Payment and ICT Applications; and

  • Enhancing Packaging;

  • Branding Development and Promotion;

  • Certification and Quality Management System (QMS);

  • Product Development and Innovation; and

  • Listing on the LEAP market.

Fees & ChargesEffective 1st March 2023, processing fees will be charged for new application.

Processing fees for application:

  • RM500 for small & medium SMEs; and

  • RM300 for micro SMEs.


  • MSME Status Certification

  • Micro*, small & medium companies only;

  • 60% equity owned by Bumiputera;

  • Operating with valid business premise license;

  • At least 6 months in operations;

  • Have undergone SCORE assessment; and

  • No vested interest supplier(s).

* Refers to high-potential Micro* enterprises as follows:

  1. At least 12 months in operation;

  2. Annual sales turnover exceeds RM250,000 per year; and

  3. Operating in licensed business premise.

To apply, please book video conferencing meeting through the MeetMe platform under the myAssistMSME portal.

Kindly visit for more information.

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